How Do I Compensate for Spoilage?

This would be handled through a Goods Issue (Inventory > Inventory Transactions > Goods Issue).  Once filled in with the item/date/quantity, choose the Variance Reason to reflect "Misc Loss" or any other Variance Reason you wish.

To see how variance reasons post to the TTB, please see the TTB BRO Line Explanations Document.

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    Madison Vodicka

    I am wanting to know how much beer I have scrapped/"destroyed" this year via a Goods Issue.

    Is there a report for specific variance reasons?

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    Orchestra Customer Success

    Hi Madison!

    We would be happy to help you. If this is a report that you would like to have created please contact, so we can talk about it further.


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    Bob Anderson

    Can a GL account be tied to the Variance Reason? For example, if the product is spoiled, I want to book that to a specific account. Maybe there is a different way to achieve the same thing?

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    Orchestra Customer Success

    Hi Bob,

    That's a great question. We'd need to do a little research before giving you an answer on this, I've copied your comment over to a Support ticket so the team can start investigating for you. Stay tuned!

    Customer Success