How Do I Edit/Confirm GL Accounts on Item Group Levels?

If you click the gold arrow next to the item group inside the item master data (or navigate to Administration > Setup > Inventory > Item Groups) you'll be able to see each of the item groups and the GLs set up with them respectively.

1. Navigate to Item Master Data (Inventory > Item Master Data) and pull up the item in question:

Click on the gold arrow next to "Item Group" to open up the "Item Groups - Setup" screen.  On the "Accounting" tab you'll see a list of the GL accounts used in various scenarios.  

Note: these GLs are used on every item that has "FinGood: Bottled" Item Group selected.  Any changes on this screen will reflect on every item which is connected to this Item Group.

For more information about what these Accounts are and how they function, see


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