Why Didn’t My Sales Order Close if All Lines Show on the Delivery?

Scenario: A delivery shows in Orchestrated with the exact same lines from a Sales Order.  But the original sales order has at least one line not grayed out (closed), even though the exact same quantities show on the Delivery.  What should be done to resolve this?


  1. If everything on that order went out we can close that sales order. Just open the sales order, right-click in any area without text and choose “Close.” This won't affect the delivery or anything else.
  2. When a Sales Order is copied to a Delivery, the delivery lines are linked with the sales order lines through a number of fields. If any of those fields change, then that link is broken and can't be restored unless you cancel the Delivery being worked on and go back to the Sales Order and “Copy To” a Delivery again. One example is if the item number in the row changes, then it's not linked to any item on the sales order. Even if you change it back to what was on the original Sales Order that link has been broken and the system can't assume it's the same lines from the Sales Order. Fields like quantity, price, and selecting batch won't break the link, but major identifiers like item code will.


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