What does "Ordered" or "Committed" Mean?

On the Inventory Data tab of Item Master Data (Inventory > Item Master Data > Inventory Data tab) there are 4 columns that display for each warehouse available: In Stock, Committed, Ordered, and Available:

In the example above, this 1/2 barrel item physically has 115 units in stock in the A1 warehouse.  In addition to that, we can see that 144 are "Committed", 721 show as "Ordered", and 692 are "Available".

What do all of these numbers mean?

The Available column is a calculation of In Stock - Committed + Ordered = Available.

Generally speaking, "In Stock" refers to the number of units physically in a warehouse, whereas "Committed" are units to be removed (via Sales Order or Production Order) and "Ordered" are units to be added (via Purchase Order, Inventory Transfer Request or Production Order).  The Available column then confirms what I should be able to offer if I were attempting to sell this particular item.

Note: the "Available" field does not take into consideration the actual dates of availability so we don't know just from looking at this screenshot whether the 721 units in the "Ordered" column are available today, tomorrow, or maybe a Production Order in 6 months.  For this reason, we have created a field called "Available to Promise" which adjusts according to dates.  For more information, see

Continuing with our example above, if I were to go out to the A1 warehouse right now, I should be able to physically count this item and confirm 115 units.  

We know that the 144 units Committed are most likely on a sales order, or perhaps an Inventory Transfer Request and the 721 units in the Ordered column are most likely on a Production Order, or perhaps an Inventory Transfer Request.  To confirm exactly where these numbers are coming from, we can easily right-click anywhere without text on this window and choose "Available to Promise" Report:

This will then run the Available to Promise report (otherwise found under Inventory > Inventory Reports > Orchestrated Reports > Available to Promise) specifically for this item and will show all documents that cause it to be Committed/Ordered:

In the second column, you'll notice the type and number for each document that populates the "Ordered" and "Committed" columns.  Simply click on the gold arrow next to the document number to pull up the document (OR = Sales Order, PW = Production Order).

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