Sales FAQ

How Can I Use the Inventory iPad App to Ship Product?


How Do I Transfer Product to My Taproom?


How Do I Decrement Inventory From My Taproom?


What is BP Channel Used for on the Sales Order Logistics Tab?


What Is the Cancellation Date Field on the Sales Order Accounting Tab?


Why Don’t Shipping Types on an SO Populate on Sales Documents?


How Do I Handle Bailment Inventory/Orders?


How Should I Handle “Free” Orders (Donations, Samples, etc.)?


Can You Create a Sales Order for an Item Without Inventory?


Do I Have to Set Up Form Settings Every Time I Open a Form/Document?


How Do I Close a Document That Is No Longer Needed?


How Do I Print a Bill of Lading (BoL) or Pick List?


Why Didn’t My Sales Order Close if All Lines Show on the Delivery?



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