How Do I Make Different Default Layouts for Users or BPs?

1. Open up the A/R Invoice window, then open the Layout Designer Window using Tools > Layout Designer or the icon just to the left of the Form Settings icon:

2. Find/highlight the layout you'd like to make default:

3. Click the "Set as Default" button in the bottom right and this window will pop up:

4. Choose which users will have this new default (all users, just the user who is currently logged in, or you can specify which users).  Also, choose which BPs will get this default (either all or selected BPs).  In this example, I'm going to make it default for all users, but specify which BPs:

5. After selecting the last radio button and then clicking the ellipses button ("..."), two new windows pop up with the top window giving you the ability to filter out which BPs to pull in.  

6. You can filter by code, BP group, or properties.  Or you can leave these blank and hit "OK" to pull in all of the BPs on to the window behind it:

7. In this case all BPs display and I can scroll through (after double clicking "BP Name" to sort) and just toggle the BPs I want to use (this shows just Beechwood but I scrolled down and selected Legends as well):

8. Click "Update" and you'll return to the previous window which you can click OK to close:

9. Then click "Update" on the Layout and Sequence window to finalize the changes and then "OK" to close the window entirely:

Do not forget to click Update or it will all be for nothing!

10. To double check/confirm, we can pull up invoices for Legends and go to "Preview Layouts" (or just File > Preview) and compare that to a BP that wasn't changed:

For the BP that we haven't changed, you'll see the old default still remains:



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