What Do the (CORP), (BREW), (DIST), (SYS) etc. Titles on GL Accounts Stand For?

The parenthetical words are added to the end of each account to specify which part of the business they pertain to; what we call segments or divisions.  (CORP) signifies corporate specific accounts, e.g. balance sheet accounts.  (DIST) or (BREW) would include any accounts specific to your distillery or brewery.  If you happened to add another distillery or brewery you’ll want a separate segment, such as (BREW2) or (DIST2).  This is true for retail shops/tasting rooms as well.

(SYS) are system accounts, which are used as "defaults" or placeholders for everything else.  The most common use of the (SYS) accounts is during Go Live - we posted your beginning balances to (SYS) accounts which wer then offset when your full COA balances were uploaded.  These accounts remain, however, to capture any transactions that may for whatever reason not be set up correctly.  If, after the "dust" has settled from Go Live, you see balances in the system account(s) that means it's time to investigate what transactions are causing this and adjust the GL determinations as needed.

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