How Do I Print a Bill of Lading (BoL) or Pick List?

A Pick List can easily be printed from an existing Sales Order in Orchestrated, while a BoL is available from either the Sales Order itself or a Delivery (which confirms it has already been delivered). 

It’s quite common for clients to print the BoL from the Sales Order rather than the Delivery to avoid having to correct mistakes – Delivery documents cannot be edited after the fact so they would have to be reversed first through a Return document and then re-created with the corrected numbers.

To print a Pick List or BoL, pull up the Sales Order or Delivery document in Orchestrated, then click on File > Select Layout and Print.  The list of layouts will then display and you can select whichever you’d like to print: 


Note: If you would prefer to preview the layout first, you can click File > Preview Layout instead.

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