How Many Items Should I Set Minimum Quantities For?

One of the primary general rules when it comes to learning new processes (e.g. cleaning up data) or creating new projects (e.g. setting up MRP) in Orchestrated is:

Start small and build as you become more comfortable over time.

This is especially true for alerts!  To avoid being bombarded with a massive number of alerts/results, start small with just minimum quantities alerts on a handful of the most important items you have for several categories (malts, hops, packaging, finished goods, etc).  If you include too many from the beginning, you risk the “Crying Wolf” issue where you’re inundated with so many alerts that you have no choice but to ignore them all or go crazy. 

Start with the most important items, maybe 5 to 10 of the most important ones for your organization, and after you resolve those add another 5 or 10.  Continue this until you eventually reach every item for which you wish to track minimum quantities.

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