Do I Have to Select Batches on Each Order?

You have the option whether or not to make an item batch managed, so that is entirely up to you.  Beer, cider and kombucha clients typically batch manage all of their raw materials and any other ingredients that go into the final packaged good.  It's not much of an option since these items are perishable products and the FDA requires batch management to trace back tainted product.  

For spirits clients, however, it's our understanding the FDA does not require them to be batch managed so it is up to the client to decide.  For example, some OSpirits clients don’t batch manage raw materials since the product is distilled but they may be required to batch manage if their product is listed as “organic.”

If you wish not to batch manage an item, this can be removed on the item level (General tab) and you will not be required to create/select the batch whenever increasing/decreasing inventory.  

If they are batch managed, however, it's required to select the batch on any document decrementing inventory.  We have created "Auto Select All" to streamline this process pretty well, though, if you decide to go that route.

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