Create A Manual Journal Entry


The majority of journal entries in Orchestrated such as sales, purchasing, payment, and inventory documents are posted automatically.  However, you will sometimes need to create manual journal entries to account for transactions such as depreciation, correcting entries, or one off transactions.

Once a manual journal entry is added, it cannot be deleted- only reversed with completing another manual journal entry.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to Financials > Journal Entry
  2. Choose your debit and credit accounts
  3. Enter in the debit and credit amounts
  4. Click Add

The Reverse checkbox may be used to schedule a reversal of a journal entry by date.  Automatic reversal of manual journal entries will default to the first day of the following month, but can be adjusted manually.  To view a list of scheduled manual journal entries: Financials > Reverse Transactions.  Note:  Scheduled reversals will prompt the user with a notification and the actual reversal must be accepted by the user in order to be posted.

The Adj. Trans. (Period 13): In SAP Business One, you can separate postings that are related to the year-end closing of the whole fiscal year with an adjusting post known as Period 13. These should not appear in
the operations result of period 12.

You will now have completed your Manual Journal Entry.

Journal Entry.jpg


Note: You CANNOT post to control accounts (e.g. A/R, A/P, etc.), you will have to use your Business Partner and it will automatically make the same post to the control account. Please take at Record Journal Entry Directly To A Business Partner on how to do this.

Note: Please do not make Manual Journal Entries directly to Inventory Accounts





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