Orchestrated 4.7 Patch 1 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • General: Resolved a bug that lead to the Orchestrated add-on crashing when the application opened.
  • Production Sheets: Resolved a crash when you click the Issue or Receipt button from the worksheet.
  • Brew / Cook Sheet: Fixed a bug where clicking Dynamic Timing would cause Orchestrated to crash.
  • BMC: Resolved an issue that prevented a user from creating or editing barrel sizes, types, statuses, or templates.
  • BMC: Fixed a bug where reversing a barrel import would not adjust values and quantities properly
  • BMC: Plugged a hole where barrels could be imported with no prefix leading to future errors and crashes.
  • BMC: Resolved an issue that would cause Orchestrated to crash when dumping barrels.
  • Scheduler: Fixed a bug where Scheduler would freeze when moving multiple items at once.
  • Brand Creation Wizard: Resolved an issue where the Brand Creation Wizard would not launch with a Core license.
  • Build Production Run: Fixed a bug in Build Production Run that would cause a new row to appear on the top of other items rather than the bottom.
  • Adv QC: Resolved an issue with CIP removing rows and warehouses when refreshing the form.
  • Adv QC: Fixed a bug in Fermentation Data QC not writing to fields that were added with a prior version of Orchestrated.



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