Orchestra Support: Business Impact


1 - Critical

An error that causes Orchestrated to be down or functioning at a significantly reduced capacity. This severely impacts your business operations and no procedural workaround exists. Orchestra will promptly allocate additional resources to your request. Please have a dedicated representative available immediately to work on the issue with the first available technician.

2 - Major

A critical component of Orchestrated is unavailable or not functioning as designed. There is a major impact to portions of your business operations and no reasonable workaround exists.  Orchestra will allocate additional resources if necessary to the resolution of your ticket.  Please have a dedicated representative available same day to work on this request.

3 - Normal

An error that causes partial or non-critical loss of functionality within Orchestrated products and services.  This has limited business impact, where a small number of users are affected.

4 - Minor

An error that causes minor impact on the use of Orchestrated, impacting only one of your users.

5 - Low

A request for a new feature, documentation, or an explanation of product functionality.

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