Inventory Posting List


The inventory posting list is a commonly used report that many people use to conveniently track the movement of their inventory.

You can run this report in two ways:


1. Inventory Reports Folder

The first is from the inventory reports folder located in Inventory-Inventory Reports->Inventory Posting List.

From here, you can choose to run this by items, BP, or Other (e.g. location, project, etc.). Leaving the BP or Items blank will run it for every single item or BP in your database.

You can also filter this by location, warehouse and by date.

Another great option is to hide items that has no stock movement with the “Hide Trans. Without Qty Change” check box.


2. Direct From Item

You can also run the report for a specific item by opening your desired item in the Item Master Data. Then you can right-click and select “Inventory Posting List” and it will generate that report only for that item.

Unlike from the Inventory Reports folder, running it directly from the item will pre-choose some of these search parameters for you.

For example, when accessing the report this way, it will always sort by Posting Date. Additionally, it will always lists all location and warehouse that has transacted the item.



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