PdO Release Wizard


The purpose of the PdO Release Wizard is to allow a user to release multiple production orders at once rather than releasing each production order individually. This can be helpful for releasing an entire production run at one time or for those customers who plan production and need to release multiple production orders for their production team. 


How to 

Production > Automation > PdO Release Wizard 

When the PdO Release Wizard Opens it will default to Process Type AllYou can click the drop-down menu and choose a specific production process type if desired. You can also filter PdOs by Start Date and End Date.

The Select All button will select all the PdOs that are currently showing. If you want to select only certain PdOs you simply check the box to the left of the Production Order field. Once all the PdOs that you would like to be released are checked, click Release and the chosen PdOs will now be in release status.






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