How to Enter Outstanding Checks & Deposits from Previous System

The following video will show how to enter outstanding checks and deposits in Orchestrated as part of the opening balances so they can be reflected in the bank reconciliation.


Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. Create a Journal Entry dated for the opening balance cut over. NOTE: Using a Journal Voucher instead of a Journal Entry will allow you to review the document or add additional checks and then post at a later date. Both functions are found under the Financials module.
  2. Use Form Settings to enable the “Ref 3” field for each line item. Ref 3 is the field that the system normally stores check numbers in. See screenshot below.
  3. For each outstanding check or deposit, create a credit transaction against the bank account. Enter the amount of the check as the credit amount and enter the check number in the Ref 3 column.
  4. Create one debit transaction against the same bank account for the total amount of all outstanding checks & deposits.
  5. Post Journal Entry








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