iPad Production 4.7 Release Notes


Below highlights both the improvements and bug fixes for the iPad Production 4.7 release.



  • Dramatic read speed improvements
  • Error messaging improvements
  • Moved login server to ‘Settings’ button
  • Users can now set their own timeout length in case internet is sketchy
  • General date / time improvements for international customers
  • Brewing / Cellar – Prompts added for attempts to do multiple receipts over 50%
  • Fermentation QC: Tanks are sorted by their type
  • Packaging: Added a success message to tank emptying

Bug Fixes

  • Batches are no longer required to edit a PdO
  • Improved custom process type support for packaging & brewing
  • Removing the last row and adding a new item no longer causes an error
  • Submission history no longer sticks around switching PdOs
  • Brewing: Resolved an issue preventing users from selecting non-batch managed items to add to a PdO
  • Brew QC: Resolved an issue where brew targets were not loading properly



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