iPad Inventory 4.7 Release Notes


Below highlights both the improvements and bug fixes for the iPad Inventory 4.7 release.



  • Dramatic read speed improvements
  • Error messaging improvements
  • General date / time improvements for international customers
  • Shipments: Custom bill-to addresses are carried over to Deliveries
  • Shipments: Sales Orders get refreshed on submission

 Bug Fixes

  • Counting: Counter Name now matches the system
  • Counting: Batches will now display properly in counting if a batch is missing
  • Counting: Fixed a bug that cause items to improperly flag as ‘Counted’
  • Shipments: Long comments no longer prevent delivery note creation
  • Shipments: Weights now properly carried over to the delivery document
  • Shipments: Freight is now copied over to deliveries properly
  • Shipments: Resolved an issue preventing users from removing an item from a Sales Order
  • Shipments: Generating multiple shipments no longer causes an error in certain circumstances
  • Shipments & Receiving: Fixes for adding non-inventory items
  • Receiving: Resolved a crash when attempting to edit a Purchase Order
  • Receiving: Fixed a bug where the PO contents may display improperly




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