Navigating the Support Desk (Zendesk)


The support team at Orchestra Software uses Zendesk for their support services.  In order to access Zendesk you must first be given a login and password to access the site.  If you do not already have one, reach out to your account administrator to set one up.


Step by Step Guide

1. Navigate to to access the support login page:


2. In the upper right corner, click the "login" link and enter the email address and password to login:

3. Once you have logged in successfully, the screen should refresh with additional navigation links toward the top.  The Orchestrated forums are currently at but will eventually be moved to the link found here on Zendesk.  The two most popular links on this bar will be "Submit a Request" and "Check Your Existing Requests".  Read below for more information on both.

4. Submit a Request:

Use this link whenever you are submitting a new request ot Orchestra Software Support.  

Subject - this should be a brief description of the question/issue you are experiencing.

Description - Describe in as much detail as possible the question/issue you have.

Module - Choose which module your message pertains to from the dropdown given.  Choose "Other" if it isn't on this list.

Attachments - Last but certainly not least is the attachments section.  Whenever possible, attach a copy/screenshot of the report you're inquiring about, a screenshot of the error message you received, a copy of the file you're attempting to import, etc. 

Keep in mind: the more information you submit via the description and attachments the better/faster support is able to assist you in this inquiry.

When completed, click the "Submit" button.  You will then receive an email confirming the ticket has been created along with the ticket number.

5. Back on the Zendesk site, you can now see this and any other existing requests under "Check Your Existing Requests":

6. Furthermore, if you have any requests that have been closed previously, you can click on the link on the very right side of the page that says "View your recently solved and closed requests" and the page will refresh with all of your previous requests.  Included on this page will be information about the ticket number, the subject, the date requested, the current status, who in support was assigned to your ticket and the date it was determined resolved:







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