Navigating the Support Desk (Zendesk)


The Support Team at Orchestra utilizes Zendesk for submitting tickets.  Zendesk does require a username and password to submit tickets.  Please see your Key User for login credentials.


Step by Step Guide

1. Navigate to to access the Orchestrated Zendesk Help Center:



2. In the upper right corner, click the "SIGN IN" link and enter the email address and password to login to Zendesk:



3. Submit a Request:

Use this link whenever you are submitting a new request to Orchestra Software Support.  



Step 1.  ASK- How can we help?- This is the main body of your question.  Please provide as much detail as possible.  



Step 2.  REVIEW- Do these solutions help?- This review step analyzes your question from step 1 (above) and suggests specific articles and excerpts from Help Center articles that may answer your question.  Please select "Solved" if your question was answered or "I Still Need Help" to submit your question if the suggested articles do not solve your question.



Step 3.  COMPLETE- Submit a ticket.  This section is used to submit your ticket to Orchestrated Support if the suggested articles did not solve your question.  

Please add a Subject and any additional ticket Descriptions.



Business Impact-  Please see the following link on how we categorize Business Impact.  



After entering your Business Impact Explanation, please select a Module and add any screenshots or attachments.  Whenever possible, attach a copy/screenshot of the report you're inquiring about, a screenshot of the error message you received, a copy of the file you're attempting to import, etc. 

Keep in mind: the more information you submit via the description and attachments the better/faster support is able to assist you in this inquiry.



When completed, click the "Submit Now" button.  You will then receive an email confirming the ticket has been created along with the ticket number.



4.  Back on the Orchestrated Zendesk Help Center, you can view current and previously submitted tickets via the "My Activities" link:





Version 4.7.1





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