Create A/R Credit Memo to Bring Inventory Back Into Stock


The purpose of this article is to learn how to bring merchandise back into stock after it was already sold (i.e. finished goods sold to a distributor, then bought back into inventory) by using an A/R Credit Memo.


Step-By-Step Process

  1. Open an A/R Credit Memo: Sales - A/R > A/R Credit Memo.
  2. Enter or search for the Customer number you’re buying the product back from.
  3. Click Copy From and select A/R Invoices.
  4. Select the applicable order from List of A/R Invoices window that pops-up (not shown below).
  5. After selecting the A/R Invoice, the Draw Document Wizard window will pop-up. Simply use the default exchange rate it auto-fills (“Current Exchange Rate”) unless you’re making a transaction in a different currency.
  6. Select Draw All Data if you want to include everything from the original invoice or select Customize if you’re completing a partial return.
  7. Double check to ensure what has been received back into inventory matches what’s populating on the Credit Memo.
  8. Note that the source documents are listed in Remarks.
  9. Click Add to complete the transaction.

Please Note:

If you don’t have a source A/R Invoice, you can still complete an A/R Credit Memo from scratch. 

If you’re looking to credit a customer without bringing the items back into stock, take a look at Quick Start: How To Credit A Business Partner Without Bringing Inventory Back Into Stock



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