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You'll need to make changes to barrel information in Orchestrated. This can be done in more than one place - depending on whichever is more convenient for you. 

Admin Video:



Barrel Edit

Go to the Management tab in the BMC. Select one or many barrels and click the Edit button in the bottom left. 

The Edit button opens the Barrel Edit window you are familiar with by now. The Type, Size, Condition and Status can be changed here. The Bin Code (Bay, Row, Col, Pos) and Attributes 1 thru 5 are also editable in this window. Click the Submit button to save any changes. 


Barrel Master Data

In the Management tab, there are drill down arrows next to the Barrel ID. Click it and it opens the Barrel Master Data form. 

The same fields listed above can be changes here, too. This is only available for one barrel at a time, but it does have Notes functionality. 

Free text notes can be added to the barrel master data. Some are automatically generated for any transactions that occur with this barrel. Below you can see that adjuncts were added and there was a volume adjustment. The Pin field dictates which note shows up in the Notes field in the Management tab of the BMC. 

The barrel history can be accessed by click the History button. This gives a more detailed history of transactions that this barrel was a part of. This is your source of record!


Barrel Attributes

So what are those weird little fields called Attributes. Well, when we initially created barrel management way back when a number of you requested the ability to have a few fields that they could just put whatever they wanted in. So that's what attributes are... just generic fields for you

What are Barrel Attributes? 

  • An internal Barrel ID if your brewery or distillery isn't using the system generated IDs.
  • Storing the batch liquid number that originally filled the barrel
  • A location of the barrel
  • Who you might have bought the barrel from
  • Other crazy things...

To rename an attribute field:

  1. Hover over the field you want to change...
  2. Then, hold down the Control key on your keyboard and double-click on the name
  3. Change the Description and press the Update button.

The values of the attributes can be used in filters through out the BMC!

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