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The contents of a barrel may be adjusted in a couple ways. Additions may be made to any filled barrel, say cocoa nibs, berries, etc. The volume and proof* of any filled barrel can be adjusted too. 

*For updated volume and proof instructions incorporating 4.9 release functionality, see written instructions below.

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Add Adjuncts

Open the Barrel Management Console and go to the Management tab. Select the barrel(s) that you intend to add adjuncts to. Click the Add Adjuncts button.

The Barrel Adjuncts form opens. The top grid shows the barrel information from the select barrels - no edits to make here. Below it is the barrel count and the Volume Change field. You can adjust the volume in each barrel if your adjustment results in such. 

The bottom grid is the place to select which items you added to these barrels. Select the Item Code,  the Whs (where the item came from) and the Qty / Brl. The example below shows that 1.5 LBs of Huckleberry was added to 2 barrels, so a total of 3 LBs will be used. Lastly, since the item is consumable, select the batch it came from. Add a comment if you'd like and click the Process button in the bottom left. 

Note that the cost of this material rolls up into the total cost of the liquid. 

Back in the BMC, click Refresh. You'll see that the Notes field updates to show the recent change to the barrel. 


Adjust Volume or Proof

In the Management Tab, select the barrel you need to adjust the volume for. Click the Adjust Volume button. 

The Adjust Barrel Volumes form opens. Mark the your volume adjustment in one of two ways: enter the Change in volume or the Final Volume - these automatically adjust in response to each other.  Enter your new Proof.  Changing any of the three open fields will cause Proof Gallons to automatically adjust.  Click Process to make it happen!


Note that the total value of your liquid stays the same.

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