Crystal Check Layout


The Orchestrated check layout is designed with (2) “SERVICE SETUP” formulas to make it easy to fine tune your layout.

  • Layout: Adjusts between different types of check stock
  • Spacing: Fine vertical movement of the Pay To and Amount in words lines

There may be other layout adjustments you need to manually make. Below are some examples of adjustments and the steps on how to do each.


Changing Check Layout

The default layout is Check-Stub-Stub. You may need to change your check print layout if you have a Stub-Check-Stub layout or Stub-Stub-Check. Here are the steps to change the default layout.

  • Go to Banking > Outgoing Payments > Checks for Payment
  • In your toolbar, choose Layout Designer icon
  • Choose your default layout and click “Manage Layout”.
  • This opens the Report and Layout Manager. Make sure your layout is selected and click “Edit”
  • This will open the Crystal Report for your check layout.
  • In the Field Explorer, expand the “Formula Fields” > Double click “aSERVICE SETUP Layout”
  • This will open the Formula Editor. Change the number to either a 1, 2, or 3.
  • Once you choose the correct layout, click “Save and close”
  • Then click the save button just above the tab with the check layout name on it:


  • It is always a good idea to print preview a check to make sure that the changes you made are how you want them to look.


Changing Spacing on Check

Sometimes you may need certain check information to be moved down or up. Common examples may be the “Pay to Line” where the vendor’s name appears, or the amount in words for the check payment.

  • Go in to edit the Crystal Report the same way it was outlined above.
  • In the Field Explorer > Formula Fields > Double click aSERVICE SETUP Spacing.
  • The 2 adjustable lines here are the Pay-to Name(which also includes the total amount) and the Total in Words.                       
  • The default positioning is 5. To move that field down, enter a number higher than 5. To move that field up, enter a number lower than 5. Each number represents 1/32nd of an inch so you may need to try a few times to get the positioning you would like.
  • Once you adjust the height of the field, click “Save and close”
  • Then click the save button just above the tab with the check layout name on it:


Changing Positioning on Check

There may be a time where you will need to move certain fields around that are not the Pay to Name or Total in Words fields.

  • You would open the Crystal Report as outlined above.
  • Instead of drilling in to the Formula fields on the right, you would click and select the field(s) you want to move and use the arrows on your keyboard to move them up, down, left, or right.
  • If you are making edits to the actual check, you need to be mindful of which layout you are using. Within the crystal report, you will notice there are 3 different rectangles that have the word “VOID”. Those represent the 3 different check layouts. If you are editing a Check-stub-stub(layout #1), you will edit the top check within the report. If you use Stub-check-stub(layout #2), you will edit the middle check. Stub-stub-check(layout #3) edits will need to be made to the bottom check.


Changing Positioning on Stubs

Sometimes you may need to make edits to what is being printed on the check stubs. This will be done through the same Crystal Report, just in a “Sub Report”

  • When you open the crystal report check layout, you will want to double click on the field that says “Check Layout Stub AN-706-1.rpt”
    • There are two of these, one for each check stub.
  • This will open up a sub-report that has the fields that show up on the stubs when printing a check.
  • Just like changing positioning on the check, you can select the fields you want to move and use your keyboard arrows to make adjustments.
  • You can also delete unnecessary fields by selecting the field and clicking delete.


Changing the Menu Name

Whenever you make a customized check layout, you need to change the menu name and save that version. Otherwise the changes will get discarded the next time there is an update.

You can change the menu name within the Crystal report by going to File > Summary Info...






Vers AN-679-1


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