Overview of the Barrel Management Console


The Barrel Management Console has three tabs: Home, Management, and Setup. You should be able to manage all of your barrel activities from within the BMC. 

Overview Video:



Home Tab

The Home tab is your place to execute daily production activities. It's built like any other worksheet in Orchestrated. Along the top are filters for the list of production orders below. Each production order is a step in filling and dumping barrels, both of which can be executed from this window (this process starts here).


Management Tab


The Management tab lists all your barrels with their current contents (if any) and associated data. There are a number of fields to filter the list by in case you have hundreds or thousands of barrels! You can select barrels from this list and perform several actions using the options on the left:

- Receive: bring barrels into stock, whether filled or empty

- Retire: remove barrels from your active stock, whether filled or empty, including selling them to a third-party

- Transfer: between warehouses or just moving the specific bin location of a barrel

- Dumping: take liquid out of one or more shells, removing all the contents or a partial amount

- Add Adjuncts: add any inventory item to the contents of a shell

- Adjust Volume

- Print Tags

- Edit: general purpose edit


Setup Tab

Before the barrel activities begin, some basic data must be setup! Obviously done on the Setup tab which is explained in more detail in the next link on the Barrel Management support page, here. You can add and edit setup data as you continue to grow your business.







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