Feature: Daily Production (Fill)

The following video will walk through how to fill a barrel: 




  1. Barrel Defaults are setup: Barrel Item Templates
  2. Barrels have been received into stock: Barrels Received
  3. At least one Planned or Released production order for a barrel aged item

If the above prerequisites have been met, you will be able to fill the barrels that are in stock.


Step by Step Guide

Go to Production > Production Forms > Barrel Management Console, click on the Home tab.

On the Home tab, select the row of the Production order for which you want to fill barrels, then click Fill Barrels.

The Express Production Screen will appear for the selected production order. From there, fill in the Receive Qty and make any changes to the header fields in that window. If you are running OrchestratedSPIRITS, there will be also be a Proof field available.

Before processing this production order, the barrels to be filled must be selected.  Click on the Barrel Selection tab.

On this tab, click the Search button to bring up the list of barrels to be filled. To narrow the list of barrels, you may choose to filter the search results using any of the fields next to the Search button.

Select the rows for the barrels you want to fill.  To select individual rows, hold Ctrl and click each row.  You may also click a row, hold Shift, then click a different row to select a range of barrels to use. Once the barrels to use are highlighted, click Select.

If you need to remove a selected barrel or if you want to redo your selection, highlight the row(s) you want to remove and then click the Unselect at the bottom right.

If the Total Fill Vol for the barrels does not match the Receive Qty amount at the top of the Express screen, you’ll want to adjust the Fill Volume for one or more rows until the Total Fill Vol equals the Receive Qty.

**Spirits specific screen shot. Notice the Proof fields:

**Beer specific screen shot. No Proof fields, and the volume is different due to the unit of measure:

Once the Barrel Selection is set, the next step is to click on the Barrel Matching tab.

On this tab, you will match the barrel item consumed with the barrel item that will be created once the production order is processed and the barrels have been filled.

In this example, we are consuming 4 new oak barrels and the output will be 4 filled oak barrels.

Once the Barrel Matching is set, click the Pdo Lines tab.

On this tab, you’ll want to double check the component that will be issued from stock.

Note: there should be no barrel items on the PdO since that is handled on the other tabs on this screen.

If everything on the Pdo Lines tab is correct, you are ready to click the Process button in the bottom left. The Barrel Edit window opens and you can make edits to the newly filled barrels. Click Submit you're good to go!


You may receive a Warning like:

This means you will need to add the warehouse on this production order to the item master data of the 'Created Barrels'.

In this example, we’ll need to add warehouse BA1 to item BRL3001-USED (go to the Inventory Data tab of the Item Maser Data).



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