The Barrel Management Console in Orchestrated provides a central place for you to manage your barrels and liquids. It's designed to consolidate items so that the information in Orchestrated mirrors how you already track your inventory. 



Two Become One

There are two main parts (items) that flow through the Barrel Management Console (BMC). 

1. The Barrel Shell - wooden or not; whatever holds the liquid

2. The Barrel Aged Liquid - stouts, spirits, or hats; whatever goes in the barrel

In the BMC, you're able to receive in empty or used barrels. You can fill the barrels and make adjustments as necessary. You can dump barrels into other barrels, blending tanks or straight into bottles. You can buy or sell filled barrels! The software will account for the costs associated with both the barrel and the held liquid. 


Outside of the aging process, barrel shells and produced liquid live separate lives. But during the aging process, they need to be linked - and the BMC executes. Costing, history and actions are all covered from barrel/contents perspective. You manage a barrel and its contents together. When the time to part arrives, the barrel can be dumped providing you with age liquid and an empty, used shell. 

Having this information in one place allows you to easily get the information you need. The age of the contents, the type and size of the barrel, the position in your warehouse - all available through the BMC!







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