Barrel Item Setup


Before you jump into the Barrel Management Console (BMC), items must be setup. The first are your barrel contents - which should already be setup in your system for production.

The second are the barrel shells! Let's jump in. 



What are the most common stages or what templates should I setup? 

While certainly not required to have a template & item master setup for each stage of a barrel's life cycle, it is recommended to have 2 - 3 per size & type of barrel. The most common are:

  • "-NEW" for a new barrel
  • "-FLD" for a filled barrel
  • "-EMP" for an empty barrel


Why do I need to setup an item & create a template?

Excellent question! The item setup is necessary so that we can track the inventory within OBeer & OSpirits; it's also there so that we can use it on sales orders, purchase orders and other transactions. The Barrel Item Template is necessary because that's what tells the system that the item is a barrel and to treat it differently from say... hats.


Item Master Data Setup & Configuration

The first step with setting up a Barrel Item Templates is to create one or more Item Master data records for the physical barrels that will be filled. To do this, you’ll need to create an item master data that looks like the following screen shot:

The code is should be "BRL[]" something, like 'BRL2000' and 'BRL2000-Filled.' Description should be more detailed. The above says 'Empty - Barrels 53 Gal #3 Char White Oak.'

This item will need to be

  • Inventory item
  • Sales item
  • Purchase item
  • Not batch managed
  • Item Group - RM: Other

All three checkboxes in the upper right of the Item Master are checked and the “Manage Item by” field is set to 'None.'

Next, you’ll need to assign at least one warehouse to the barrel item. This warehouse represents the locations where barrels will be stored.

You want to setup an item for each possibility. The setup is the same for each except for the Item Code and Item Description. For the a fore mentioned three:

  • "-NEW" for a new barrel - BRL2000 or BRL2000-New
  • "-FLD" for a filled barrel - BRL2000-Filled
  • "-EMP" for an empty barrel - BRL2000-Empty

Note! You are not limited to these three states/items. These are common examples and you should have at least these three. 




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