Management Tab Overview



Step by Step Guide

Go to Production > Production Forms > Barrel Management Console, click on the Management tab.

The Barrel Summary matrix reflects each Barrel Master Data record that is in stock. The Barrel ID is the unique code for each barrel.

Pick a Barrel ID on the grid and click the golden arrow next to it.  The Barrel Master Data record will appear for that Barrel ID. On the Barrel master data, you can see all of the properties for that Barrel ID. You can also add records of notes on each Barrel Master Data record.

The Barrel Master Data record may also be accessed by going to Inventory > Barrel Master Data.

By accessing the Barrel Master Data in this way, you will need to either scroll through the records (using the green arrows on the icon bar) or switch the form to Find Mode (Ctrl + F or click the binoculars icon at the top).

Barrel History

There is a History button on the Barrel Master Data form. This brings up a list of all transactions that occurred for this barrel. Whether it was received, transferred, dumped or retired - it'll be on this list! It has transaction details as well as a link to the transaction document. (screen shot is split below to better show detail).

Search Functionality

There are a number of fields to filter down the list of barrels shown in the Management tab. You can even filter by age! Set your criteria for fields shown below and click the Refresh button to execute the filter. 


There are a number of buttons on the left of the screen. Those functions are covered in the next articles, starting here.





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