Receiving Barrels

The following video will demonstrate how to receive barrels into stock using barrel management console:



PrerequisitesBarrel Defaults have been created

If this has not been done, please find out how to do so using BMC Setup Tab

After the Barrel Defaults have been created, we’re ready to receive the physical barrels into stock. This process is handled in the Barrel Management Console through the “Receive Barrels” button on the Management tab.


Step by Step Guide

Go to Production > Production Forms > Barrel Management Console. From there you’ll click on the Management Tab

Select the document type to receive in the barrels. Click the carrot on the Receive button to select which document you want to use. You may choose between the following:

  • Goods Receipt PO
  • Goods Receipt
  • AP Invoice

It is entirely up to the user to choose which document type. If new barrels are being purchased, you may want to go with a Goods Receipt PO (if you will enter the AP Invoice at later time) or use an AP Invoice.

In this example we’ll use a Goods Receipt.

Click the button (after you select the document type) to select the select which barrels to bring into stock.

The barrels you see available to select the same as the Barrel Defaults.



Once you’ve selected the barrel type you want to bring in, click Select and the particular document for receiving the barrels will appear on the screen.

Verify that the correct quantity and unit price are filled out for the total barrels you’re receiving.

Once everything looks correct, click the Add button on the document. The Barrel Edit window appears.

From there, verify the data for the barrels you are about to receive. If all looks correct, hit the Submit button to process.

Note about the Barrel Edit window: If one or more of the barrels is different from the rest, you can make changes to the barrel in this window. For example, if one of the barrels is a different size (Barrel Size field) or if it needs cleaning or if it is infected (Barrel Status field).


Purchase Filled Barrels

(Spirits only). You can purchase filled barrels from the barrel management console. 


How To

Open the Barrel Management Console and go to the Management tab. Click on the carrot of the Receive button and select 'Buy Filled Barrels'. Click the button!

The Purchase Filled Barrels forms open. Select the Vendor and then fill out the order details. You can mark the:

- Template Code: the barrel shell template, likely a '..FILLED' one

- Contents: the liquid inside

# of Barrels

- Proof Gallons per Barrel

- Batch ID

- Fill Date

- Warehouse: the receiving warehouse

Unit Price: per barrel

With the details entered, click the carrot next to the Create Doc button to select GRPO or A/P Invoice. Then click the button. 

The Barrel Edit form opens. You should be familiar with this guy! Click Submit when you're satisfied with the details. The A/P Invoice is created and the barrels with liquid are now in Orchestrated. 






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