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This page covers the setup of the Barrel Item Templates in the Barrel Management Console section of Orchestrated.

Barrel Item Template Video:



What is a barrel item template?

A barrel item template is how we define a barrel within OrchestratedBEER or OrchestratedSPIRITS. This is an item that represents the wood itself. Barrels have various stages of their life in production and so there are various "templates" to setup. These templates represent those stages. Liken them to a default, if you will. 


Barrel Management Console - Barrel Template Setup

Proceed to the Barrel Management Console. Go to Production > Production Forms > Barrel Management Console.  From there click on the Setup tab.


Once the item code has been populated, you’ll need to enter an ID Prefix, then select the type, size, condition, and status. You may also choose to use the Attribute fields for additional data.

The Type, Size, and Status values can all be edited on the Setup Screen of the Barrel Management Console.

To add, edit or remove a template, highlight the particular template row and click Edit to open up the barrel template window.

On the Setup tab, you can drill down into the Barrel Item Templates section. This screen shows the information for one-barrel item template.



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