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The Retire functionality in the Barrel Management Console allows a user to remove barrel(s) and its liquid in one step. This can be done through a Delivery, Invoice, or Good issue document. See the video for a walk through. Below are steps for the Goods Issue and the Sell Barrels functions.

There is a function on the Goods Issue to reverse this action in case a mistake was made! Slick stuff, check it out. 

Retire Video:



How To (Goods Issue)

Go to the Barrel Management Console and to the Management tab. Select one or many barrels, the click the carrot on the Retire button. Select the 'Goods Issue' option and click the button. 

The Issue Barrels form opens. Select the Shell Offset GL account, Contents Offset GL account and the TTB Variance Reason for each row. 


Click the Issue button and yes to the warning to create the Goods Issue document. If successful, the added Goods Issue appears. 

Go refresh the data in the Management tab in the BMC and see that your barrels are now gone. Sadness, but necessary. 

Reverse the Goods Issue

Made this easy for you! Right click in the header grey space, Reverse Barrels.

The Select Barrels to Reverse window opens. Yes! You can reverse specific lines, not only the whole Goods Issue. Select the rows and click Select.

If no errors pop up, it worked! Check the BMC again and see your barrels have returned. 


Sell Filled Barrels

Do you have extra barrel-aged whiskey to sell to other smaller distilleries who are just getting up off the ground? You may do this to help grow your business and not keep the barrel assets on the books any longer than he needs to. You can sell filled barrels from the Barrel Management Console!

How To

Open the Barrel Management Console, and go to the Management tab. Select the barrel(s) you want to sell and click the Retire button on the left, then select 'Sell Barrels'. 

The Sell Barrels form opens. Select the Customer, Posting Date and Unit Price for the barrels. You can add freight and discounts like any other marketing document. When complete, click the carrot next to the Create Doc button and select A/R Invoice or Delivery. Then click the button again and say yes to the warning. 

Finito! If you refresh the BMC you'll find that the barrels are no longer there. This example created an A/R Invoice like:




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