ToolTips Preview

ToolTips Preview

Want to see more information about that item or warehouse but don't want to drill down into the master data? Form already maxed out on fields or the field isn't in form settings? Well here's the tool time tip of the day!


Okay, here's the real deal: you have the option to turn on ToolTips. This features temporarily displays information about an object when your mouse hovers over it.



Go to Administration > System Initialization > Tooltip Preview.

You can enable or disable this feature at any time by clicking the Enable Tooltip Preview check box. Objects (Business Partners, Accounts, Items, Etc) can be specifically chosen for this feature. For each object, you can mark the fields to be shown in the preview. 

The example below shows that I want the Item no, Description, Foreign Name, Item Type, and a few other fields to show on the Item Master Data preview. 


In Action

The preview is now available on any document that has a field for Item Master Data (aka Item No.). Example, open a sales order and add an item to the first row. Hover you mouse over it an presto! More info if you need, and it will disappear if you move your mouse away from the field. Of course you can drill down into the item still if you need all of the master data. 


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