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The Web Scheduler is a read-only version of the Scheduler feature available to all customers in the Production module of Orchestrated.  This version allows users to view the production schedule from a Smart TV on the production floor and is an add-on feature available for purchase.



  • Extends the Orchestrated Scheduler to a web browser
  • Provides visibility of Production Orders (both Planned and Released)
  • Also provides visibility of Purchase Orders & Sales Orders
  • Switch view by set date ranges of Month, Week or Day
  • Ability to view by Process Type, Brand and Warehouse



The Web Scheduler has filters at the Top of the window to view by Month, Week and Day.


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The view can also be filtered to show by Warehouse or Process Type, and orders appearing in the view can be shown by Brand, Production Order type (fermentation, packaging, etc), various documents, notes, warehouses and even has the option to remove holidays.


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Examples of Uses

 1. Post in a central location so multiple teams can see various information about your daily or weekly schedule.


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 2. Post on a TV in the Brewhouse or Cookhouse to view schedules specific to your production brewers or distillers.


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3. Post on a TV in the Cellar for a schedule showing each of your fermenters.


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4. Post on a TV in the packaging area for a schedule showing which packaging runs, and when, your team needs to prepare for.

The native browser within Smart TVs are largely unsupported. We recommend using a PC on a stick. (We specifically tested it on a Quantum Access Windows 10 Mini PC Stick).


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