iPad Production App - Location Setting


Just like in Orchestrated, you can restrict your iPad user from seeing certain production orders based on the location of the user and the location of tanks used on the PdO.


View or Change the App's Location (from the iPad)


After logging in, click the Locations button in the Top Right corner of the Main Menu.


Every location set up in your Orchestrated database displays as an option in the Locations dialog box, with the current location designated with a blue checkmark on the Right.

Select All Locations or pick one or more locations to filter what you view from the app. If you change the location away from the default, the app remembers the change locally for future use. 


What Does the App's Location Setting Affect?

  • Production orders viewed
  • Fermentation tanks viewed

The location setting affects production orders viewed in every section of the app (Brewing, Cellar and Packaging) as well as the fermentation and bright tanks shown in Fermentation QC.

If the app is set to All Locations you'll always be able to view every Released production order and all fermenters and bright tanks existing in your database.

If you select one or more specific locations in the app, the user will not be able to view or process production orders being produced into tanks assigned to another location, nor can you view or enter new QC readings for tanks in other locations.

Confirm the location set for each tank/warehouse in Orchestrated here: Administration module > Setup > Inventory > Warehouses.  The Location setting is a drop-down setting near the Top.


How Do I Set The Default Location?

Log into Orchestrated from a desktop and navigate to the iPad user, set up just like any other user of your database, then go to the Administration module > Setup > General > Users.

Scroll through the users (or use an asterisk in Find mode) until you find the user with the same username you enter to log into the iPad.  The Location setting is a drop-down near the Top.

The default location can be overridden by changing to a different location while logged into the app.  The new location setting is saved locally and remembered for future use.

Note: The default location is set by the Login Information entered, not the iPad itself.







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