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Packaging QC on the iPad Production app is a convenient way to record detailed QC data and notes while performing each packaging line. Track info tied to the Bright tank or the packaging line separately, or even utilize a customizable checklist. You can keep records of your readings and immediately synchronize them with production in Orchestrated for further analysis.


Accessing Packaging QC on the iPad

After logging into the iPad Production app, tap into the Packaging section to pull up all packaging production orders.

The PdO List Menu folds out from the Left, listed in chronological order, so select the order to record QC on.

Once you've opened the Production Order you need to record Packaging QC for, click the Packaging QC button (beaker icon) in the Top Right.



Packaging QC

You'll see 4 tabs along the Bottom of the Packaging QC feature, one for each stage of the packaging process along with a customizable checklist.  Comments can be recorded on each tab and you can also Submit the readings from any tab using the button in the Top Right.


Main tab

  • Displays information from the Production Order (PdO #, Batch #, TankItem Code, Item Name)
  • The user can also enter Initials of the line lead or person taking the reading.

Bright tab

  • Enter QC metrics like DO, CO2, PSI and Temperature
  • You can also track the Start and End Volumes for the pack type

Packaging tab 

  • Record unit-specific details like DO & CO2
  • Track Retail Units and Filler Count
  • Monitor numbers of Low Fill, Scrap and Lab Cases

Checklist tab

  • You can customize up to 12 states specific to the pack family being packaged
  • These fields are binary (think Yes or No only) - not typed data
  • Set the checklist within Orchestrated (Production module > Packaging Worksheet > highlight a PdO > click Packaging QC on the Left
  • Ctrl-double click a field of the checklist on the Right to enter your custom name


Other Helpful Information

This information is saved locally on the app before clicking Submit so you can enter only a few QC metrics, click Cancel to leave the page (perhaps process another PdO real quick), then come back later to finish the reading without losing your place.

Also consider checking out our tool to analyze larger amounts of QC data, the QC Analysis Tool.






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