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Brew QC on the iPad Production app is a convenient way to record detailed QC data and notes during each brewhouse stage. Track info during Mash, Lauter, Kettle and Whirlpool stages separately. You can compare your data to targets by brand, and keep records of your readings that immediately synchronize with production in Orchestrated for further analysis.


Accessing Brew QC on the iPad

After logging into the iPad Production app, tap into the Brewing section, where the list of production orders folds out from the Left, displayed with the earliest orders at the Top.  Use the date range filter buttons at the Top to sort faster.

Note: Only production orders set to Released status appear on the iPad.  For additional help on why you may not see a production order on the iPad, try this page.


After selecting the production order to add QC for, click the Brew QC button (beaker icon) in the Top Right.


Adding Brew QC Data 

When the Brew QC dialog first appears, you'll note 5 tabs along the Bottom of the screen for each key stage of the brewing process. On every tab you can enter Comments specific to that stage of the brew, saved separately in Orchestrated too.


Main tab

  • Displays information from the Production Order (PdO#, Batch #, Item Code, Item Name)
  • Displays brand-specific targets designated within Orchestrated (Original Gravity and Original pH)
  • Enter initials for the Brewer or individual that took the reading.

Mash tab

  • Enter QC metrics like Mash pH, Salt Type (up to 3), Strike Temp, Mash Start Time, and more

Lauter tab

  • Vorlauff, Turbidity, Extract, Collection & Collection End, and others

Kettle tab

  • First Hops, Mid Boil Hops, End Boil Hops, Start Boil Time and End Boil Time, and others

Whirlpool tab

  • Yeast Type, Source, Batch, Generation and Amount, along with whether either of the following were added: Antifoam, Spices; Start and End KO Time too


Saving QC Data

All valid QC entries will be sent back to Orchestrated upon submission and are immediately accessible to a desktop user. If any input is invalid it will not be sent from the app.

Note: You can switch to another feature of the app between brewing stages without losing your work! Perhaps a colleague needed to process a production order real quick, but when you come back to the QC data you were entering you're right where you left off since the data you enter is immediately saved locally on the iPad.

When you're ready you can click Submit in the Top Right to send back to Orchestrated.  The QC data isn't accessible from the desktop until you do so.


Other Helpful Information

Brewing QC information submitted from the iPad can be accessed in Orchestrated here: Production module > Production Forms > Brewing Worksheet > select a production order > click Brew QC on the Left.

You can also analyze larger amounts of QC data using the QC Analysis Tool.







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