QC with the iPad Production App - Fermentation QC

Watch our ~4 min video walkthrough of Fermentation QC and/or peruse our written content below!





We'll walk you through all the ins and outs of entering quality control data for batches of beer in your cellar, for both fermenters and bright tanks.  You can add new readings or make additions or adjustments to a prior reading before submitting back into Orchestrated - the app will store new QC data locally until you're ready to submit.

After logging into the iPad Production app, click into Fermentation QC.


Tank Overview

The tanks are displayed in alphabetical order by Warehouse Code and the default view will show Filled tanks.  Note the options at the Top to change your view to only show Empty or All tanks.


Each tank shows the following information:

  • Warehouse Code
  • Brand Short Code (found in Brand Master Data in the Inventory module)
  • Total volume in the tank
  • Date the volume was received into the tank

Then you'll see the last reading for Temperature, Gravity, and pH and the date of that reading. If there's no readings yet for that stage of beer in that tank, or the last reading didn't include that metric, those fields will be blank.

Click any tank icon to access that batch's QC readings.


Entering Quality Control for a Batch

In the Left column you'll see the Warehouse Code listed at the Top, with any existing QC readings below.  If there's no readings yet, the space below will be blank.

To add a new reading click the Plus (+) icon in the Upper Left, then tap the new row that's created to load the blank form on the Right.



You can enter information into any field, including the Date and Time - just click the blue text then use the scroll wheel to update to the time of the QC reading.  You can enter as many or as few metrics as you want, even correcting data from a prior reading.

When typing into a field, the keyboard slides out and helpfully switches to the type of keyboard (numbers or letters) that data should be entered in.

Note the Initials field on the Right that works the same as with production orders, tying the brewer's or user's initials to the QC reading, but is not required.



After submitting a reading, the view may look similar to the following (possibly with more reasonable QC figures):


The fields listed here directly mimic those available within Fermentation Data in Orchestrated (Production module > Production Forms > Cellar Worksheet > highlight a tank > Ferm QC)

Note: There is no customization of any QC fields as they appear in the app, nor can any fields be added or removed at this time.


Saving QC Data

All valid QC entries will be sent back to Orchestrated upon submission and are immediately accessible to a desktop user. If any input is invalid it will not be sent from the app.

Note: You can stop halfway through entering a tank's QC data and switch to another feature of the app without losing your work! Perhaps a colleague needed to process a production order real quick, but when you come back to the reading you're right where you left off since the data you enter is immediately saved locally on the iPad.

When you're ready you can click Submit in the Top Right to send back to Orchestrated.  The QC data isn't accessible from the desktop until you do so.



After a batch has been flushed from a tank, the QC data will only be accessible from Orchestrated on a desktop.





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