Open Order Available to Promise

Report Summary

Running low and need to prioritize your available goods? This is a good report to generate to see how your available to promise quantities are distributed among open sales orders. This report displays the ATP values relative to open order quantities. For each item, a list of open sales orders (with customer name) is provided and a cumulative value of Extra ATP Quantity is calculated on each line.


Default Location in Orchestrated

Sales A/R > Sales Reports > Orchestrated > Open Order Available to Promise.


Key Requirements

None, although if you have no open orders it will show no information.


Parameter Entry


  • Due Date Start
  • Due Date End
  • Group top level by: Warehouse, Location, BP Group, Item Group, Brand, Pack Type
  • Then group by: Warehouse, Location, BP Group, Item Group, Brand, Pack Type
  • Group individual orders by: Items, Customer
  • Include quotes as demand?
  • ATP Values: ATP Warehouse, Order Warehouse – each sales line relates to a warehouse (usually A1) to pull the finished good from. If you’re operating out of multiple warehouses, choose ‘Order Warehouse’ to see the ATP relative to the order line, rather than where the item may be in stock.


  • Select
    • Location
    • Warehouses
    • BP Groups
    • Customers
    • Item groups
    • Brands
    • Packtypes


Parameter Entry Image


Sample Report Image






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