How to Use Landed Costs


The Landed Cost function within Orchestrated, allows you to apply "additional" charges to the total cost of an item. 

An example of a landed cost is a freight charge, typically added by a 3rd party distributor (on a separate invoice). The goal is to apply the freight charges to items on an A/P Invoice. 

A step by step downloadable PDF guide can be found here: Landed Costs.pdf


The attached PDF guide is missing 1 important piece of information. In the Landed Costs window, you will also need to enter a "Broker" to be able to create an A/P Invoice for the Landed Cost. The Broker will be set to the BP who you will be paying for the Landed Cost, which does not necessarily need to be the same as the Vendor who sold you the items. If there is no Broker set on the Landed Cost, it cannot be copied to an A/P Invoice.

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