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    Dan Aleksandrowicz

    I'd like to see something that walks us through the process of planning weekly production.

    There are a lot of really nifty reports and such, but I've never been told how OBeer planned they should be used, as in "Run this report and it will tell you this information which you can use to determine this."

    In what sequence should they be run? What information comes from which report? How best to use this information?

    I've asked this before and never received an answer.


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    Orchestra Customer Success

    Hi Dan!

    This is a great topic! We had a webinar titled "How to Plan for a Week of Production" back in November. The recording is available in the webinar section of the help site. Take a look at it and let us know if there is anything else you would've wanted to cover on the topic:


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    Bart Ray

    A crystal reports layout editor webinar would be cool