Brand Categories


Brand Categories serve the primary purpose of grouping brands together. In OSpirits, this process is critical as its used in defining the various buckets where liquid belongs on the TTB. But in OBeer, this can be used grouping brands by things such as Core, Seasonal, etc. 

How do I setup Brand Categories?

  1. To set Brand Categories, first navigate to Inventory -> Brand Master Data
  2. Now, use the -> arrow in the menu bar to bring up your first brand. 
  3. From the Brand Category menu, select Define New.
  4. Lastly, define a Code Name for your category. Its recommended these are the same. 
  5. When you click the Add button, the category will be set for that Brand & selectable on others!


Note: Categories are not yet incorporated into reported. Tell us which reports you would like to see them in first!





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