Add adjuncts or flavorings to barrels in the Barrel Management Console

When managing your barrels in the Barrel Management Console, adjuncts are added directly on the Management tab, using the Add Adjuncts button on the Lower Left.


On the Management tab, check that the barrel has Status: 'Filled' and Condition: 'Used'. If those are in place, you can add an item to the barrel.

Select the row by clicking the space in the Far Left column, then click Add Adjuncts in the Lower Left, and the Barrel Adjuncts screen appears. (In the example below, Barrel ORC-14 – holding aging Portlandia Porter, batch POR-106-12150-2 – had .5 pounds of Molasses added to it.)



On the Barrel Adjuncts screen, select the Item Code of the adjunct and enter the warehouse to pull the item from and the quantity added per barrel (if you added to more than one.)

To the Far Right on the item’s row, the Batch column field turns grey if the item is non-batch-managed, otherwise a magnifying glass appears. Click the icon to select a batch.

  • If only one batch exists of the item, Orchestrated populates that batch.
  • If that item has more than one batch a dialog box appears requesting that the user select a batch.

If the adjunct affected the volume in the barrel, use the Volume Change field in the middle: positive number for an increase (or a negative number to decrease.) Add Comments at the Bottom.

Click Process to finalize the addition to the barrel.  The cost of the added item rolls up into the value of the barrel’s liquid.

After processing the addition, you’ll find a new note added to the Notes column for the barrel stating ‘Adjunct Added:’ with a brief description of the item and quantity added.

Behind the scenes, the Barrel Adjuncts screen works similar to blending tanks, so there’s a few items to ensure your database has what it needs for this feature.  Those requirements, along with troubleshooting tips, can be found here: Tank Blending



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