How do I adjust the volume in barrels?


Its important to keep the volumes accurate in your barrels. Sometimes, a barrel leaks and spills some of that sweet deliciousness on the floor. Maybe the barrel fell off the rack when the fork lift was moving it and some spilled... either way its a sad day for everyone. This article will describe the process for adjusting the volume (up or down) on a barrel. 


Step by Step Guide

First off, navigate to the Barrel Management Console, by going to Production -> Production Forms -> Barrel Management Console then click on the Management tab.


Now that we are here, select the barrel(s) that need to change, and click on the Adjust Volume button.

Alright, now a groovy simple form opens, there's really only one thing you can do here... change the volume... Notice there is a Fill Volume field, that's what's in there now, the field you want is the Change field. Input the change here. So if .7 BBLs spilled on the floor then input -.7 here. If your brewery or distillery operates in gallons or liters, the volume to adjust should be based on that amount.

Once your done, press Process!

Now that the barrel has had its volume reduced, a note has been added to the barrel and a history record added.



Behind the scenes Orchestrated performs a 'blend-like' scenario where the filled volume amount is issued out and the new volume is received into stock. This keeps the costs contained within the existing liquid. 





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