Adding Adjuncts to Tanks


The ability to add adjuncts to a tank is an important function for many breweries and distilleries, especially as the trend for rare and limited versions of favorites is in more demand than ever before.  Orchestrated allows the user to select any item in inventory to add to a tank, right from the worksheet – without manually creating an additional production order.  The cost of the added item automatically rolls up into the batch of liquid in the tank.


How To

Add adjuncts from either the Cellar or Packaging Worksheets by right-clicking on a tank and clicking Add Adjuncts.  The row does not have to be highlighted first.

On the Blending & Additions screen, select the Item Code of the adjunct, similar to other documents with items in Orchestrated.  Fill in the quantity of the item and the warehouse to pull from.

On the item’s row, the Batch column field turns grey if the item is non-batch-managed, otherwise a magnifying glass appears. Click the icon to select a batch.

  • If only one batch exists of the item, Orchestrated populates that batch.
  • If that item has more than one batch a dialog box appears requesting that the user select a batch.

Before adding the document, review the Batch ID in the Top Left in case you want to distinguish this batch of beer as a separate batch.  In addition, increase (or decrease) the Quantity field in the Top Right if the adjunct affected the volume of liquid.  Comments can also be added at the Bottom.

After processing the adjunct addition, find the Modified column in the Current Tank Status window on the Far Right of both the Cellar and Packaging Worksheets.

Behind the scenes, the Blending & Additions screen works similar to blending tanks, so if you hit any hiccups ensure your database has what it needs for this feature.  Those requirements, along with troubleshooting tips, can be found here: Tank Blending





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