Orchestrated 4.5 Release Notes

A downloadable PDF version can be found here: 4.5 Release Notes

New and Updated Features

  • Bill of Materials: BoM Versions finally have a purpose in life! You can now save, edit, delete and apply various versions of the same BoM. Have a pilot batch & a production size? Yes, you can use it with the creation wizard or change it on a PdO
  • Packaging Run: Do your distributors change their order at the last-minute right before packaging? Now you can create & manage an entire batch of packaging from a single screen. Welcome long lost missing link of production planning!
  • Adjuncts: Ever add peaches at the last moment to make that tasty peach Saison? Probably not, but now you can right-click on a tank within the cellar or packaging sheet and add adjuncts right to the batch
  • Barrel Mgmt – Tipping Barrels: We heard tipping barrels was cumbersome and not flexible enough. Now you can start with barrels and dump them to make anything you want -- even hats!
  • Barrel Mgmt – Adjuncts: Yep, that awesome new simpler way to add adjuncts to a tank has been brought over into barrels too! Mmm peach sour…
  • Barrel Mgmt – Adjusting Volume: Sometimes barrels leak all over the floor leaving a sticky and smelly mess. Now you can account for those spills quickly within the BMC (Barrel Management Console) with an adjustment button.
  • Barrel Mgmt – Filling & Tipping: Holy moly filling & tipping barrels was slow! We removed some of the heavier trolls slowing this feature down to speed it up tremendously. Barrel herders rejoice!
  • Barrel Mgmt – Barrel Item Templates: Labels should describe what you’re looking at. Well, we messed this up and decided to rename it. Barrel Defaults is now Barrel Item Templates. Get it?
  • Barrel Mgmt – Attributes: Almost everyone uses the attributes for barrels and loves them. So we added the fields to the barrel selection window and management tab in the BMC!
  • Brand Master Data - Categories: We opened Pandora’s box so you can group your brands by category! This isn’t incorporated into our reports yet but tell us and we’ll get them on the list!
  • Retail Transfer: The two most common price lists were MIA from Retail Transfer. We found Last Purchase Price and Last Evaluated Price hiding in a dark corner and pulled them out to make them available
  • Fermentation QC: Fermentation QC did some yoga and is much more flexible. You can now add as many fields as you want! We’ve even expanded the decimal places on RDF, Density & Calories. You’re welcome.
  • Packaging Worksheet: We’ve tightened up the UI a bit, added a couple of golden arrows and added the ability to set a batch as ‘approved’ or not… And the lab folks rejoiced… yay!
  • Scheduler – Moving Tanks: Ever plan into one tank and reality happens and it goes into another? Now when you move from one tank to another future MPN the connected PdOs will be updated!
  • Scheduler – Automatic Date Changes: Yeast sometimes doesn’t cooperate or finish when it’s supposed to. Now if you extend the due date of a beer in tank, it’ll push out future MPN connected PdOs.


OSpirits Specific New and Updated Features

  • Barrel Mgmt – Proof Gallons: Proof & Proof Gallons of each of your barrels are now exposed on the ‘Management’ tab
  • Distillation: “I distill to 11 and I want to record the discharge EVERY TIME!” You got it! You can now record multiple distillation values on a single PdO from the Still House worksheet. Better yet, take the final values right into Express to process distillation!
  • Item Master Data: Oh that wonderful TTB DRO. You beer folks have it easy. We’ve added a host of new fields on the Item Master for distilleries. (Report as Type, Imported, Exported, Default Proof)
  • Various Documents: We wanted to make sure you had the ability to remove liquor for “Govt Purposes” and report it properly to the TTB. Lots of variance codes were added to fill all the little nooks and crannies.
  • Warehouses: You can now classify the warehouses by Production, Storage, Processing, N/A
  • Brand Master Data: Did you work hard to get that Bottled-in-Bond classification? Heck yeah! Now flag your brand as BIB and anything you package for that brand will show up in processing part 4 properly.
  • Brand Master Data: Proof targets are great! If you only have 2 stages of production… What if you have lots? Now you can set a proof target for any stage of production and have it show up on the PdO!
  • Sales Orders / Invoices: We added a couple of fields to display the Proof & Proof Gallon amount of items on your orders & invoices.

New and Updated Reports

  • *NEW* Inventory Analysis: We love the Inventory Audit Report, but it wasn’t in Excel. Now you can slice, dice and make some magic with inventory data within the comfortable confines of Excel.
  • *NEW* Master Layouts: Lines on a layout was so 2014. We’ve updated our layouts to use a single back end, made it pretty, included batches, proof gallons and made it fit in most standard #10 envelopes!
  • *NEW* WIP Variance Analysis Report: This report helps you analyze your variances over any period of time, whatever period you want. And all the numbers nerds rejoiced!
  • *NEW* Profit & Loss by Year: A new, pretty, 1 year P&L in columns. Yes, all 12 months.
  • 4 Day Production Schedule: Custom process types are awesome, except when you can’t see them.. That’s now fixed thankfully!
  • Check Register: What would happen if checks had bad dates? Accounting folks everywhere would riot! This didn’t happen often, but we fixed the glitch to prevent future calculator abuse.
  • Customer Sales Analysis: Sales person is now considered at the document level instead of BP.
  • Financial Overview Dashboard: Fixed a few bugs including incorrect cash account balances missing transactions on aging reports, and an issue with A/R & A/P filtering by document due dates improperly
  • FISA: The most used production report in all Orchestrated now considers Max Stock for even more Future Inventory awesomeness.
  • Fixed Asset History: Resolved an issue with Net Book Value not being displayed properly depending on how the assets were imported.
  • Inventory Count Variance Analysis: You can now select specific count sheets with large document numbers and the report will do more than present a blank screen or errors. It works now.
  • Journal Transaction Report: Cutting off GL account numbers was rude. We expanded the selection window a bit to correct this behavior.
  • Keg Container & Deposit Activity: Shells delivered and not turned into invoice are no longer in the reporting nethersphere.
  • Open Order Available to Promise: Date parameters are editable, added international date & currency formats
  • Open Purchase Orders by Vendor: Adjusting spacing to allow for literally MILLIONS of numbers and updated the help link.
  • Production Dashboard: Sorry, distilleries and cideries, we fixed this report to properly display the gallon UoM. Our bad, we cool now?
  • Quick Raw Item Planning: It’s hard to plan for raw items when purchase quantities are wrong. Those have now been fixed.
  • QC Analysis Tool: Added fields that were introduced in Orchestrated 4.4. Note: It does not support the additional fermentation qc fields feature… yet.
  • Sales Analysis Dashboard: We just found out that some months have more than 30 days. February has 28. We fixed this to show all days and the charts on Page 4 & 5.
  • Sales by Brand & Measure: We decided not to include the quantities on cancelled documents, treat them fairly like their Credit Memo cousins and back them out of the totals.
  • TTB BRO: Adjustment made to Line 15 of the TTB BRO to account for some transfer scenarios between tax determined & non-tax determined warehouses.
  • TTB BRO: Resolved an issue where if a valid warehouse was included in the reference field it would incorrectly report on line 12.

Utilities & Interfaces

  • Customer Web Portal Utility: Many. Items. We limited the number displayed to only those who have a web brand associated.

Bug Fixes

  • Relationship Map: Resolved an issue where totals were occasionally not properly displayed on the relationship.
  • Retail Transfer: Fixed a bug where if either warehouse does not have a tax code set, one of the necessary documents was not being created.
  • Retail Transfer: Making price changes on the retail transfer screen will no longer keep a sales order open.
  • Retail Transfer: We thought all you would need to know is the item code on the batch screen. We were wrong. The item name is now visible too.
  • Retail Transfer: What if you don’t want the first batch on the batch selection screen? Now you can select any batch in the list, even number 111.
  • Retail Transfer: All items added on the retail transfer sheet will start with a whole number of 1 not 0.
  • Scheduler: Changing tanks on packaging happens. It’s either never, all the time, or both. Now when you change a tank on the packaging on the scheduler, it doesn’t try to change the receiving warehouse instead.
  • Scheduler: Non-inventory items no longer cause redness when you check ATP on the scheduler.
  • Auto-Select All: Resolved a bug where the auto-select button would not work past the first row of the batch selection window.
  • Item Converter: Standard costing no longer causes Orchestrated to crash.
  • Item Converter: Converting cases into hats in the same warehouse will no longer cause Orchestrated to freak out and crash.
  • Advanced QC – Fermentation QC: Batch !)$&%&$(#ABC($&!_ no longer crashes Advanced Ferm QC.
  • Barrel Mgmt - Tipping: Tipping a barrel will no longer cause the liquid to be received into one place and the wood into a worm hole.
  • Barrel Mgmt - Filling: Got rid of random capacity for your barrels. They pull from the barrel sizes.
  • Barrel Mgmt – Management: Barrels 1, 2, 3.. are no longer hiding out of order among the other barrels on the Management tab.
  • Brand Master Data: The universally known wildcard “*” is no longer a forbidden character when trying to get a list of Brands
  • Cellar Sheet: If you’ve ever disassembled a beer on the Green Beer tab of the cellar sheet and wondered why it wanted to stay in the tank, we kicked it out. It should now refresh properly.
  • PdO Creation Wizard: The way you issue out raw materials should be based on the BoM, or at least that’s what we thought. Now the Creation Wizard considers Issue Method on the BoM instead of the item.
  • Sales Order: We put away the magic calculator and no longer try to validate ATP on non-inventory items.
  • Express Production: Using the refresh button no longer causes weird shrinking and quantities to disappear.
  • PdO Close Wizard: Hey Doc! You can now close a production order back in time! We haven’t figured out how to do this in the future yet.
  • QC – Fermentation QC: We missed adding the new Ferm QC fields into Advanced Ferm QC. They’re in there now, promise.
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