TTB BRO Line Explanations Document

A downloadable PDF version can be found here: OrchestratedBEER TTB BRO Line Item Explanation


The document attached to this page is based on an older version of the TTB Report. Some parts are no longer applicable to the current version of the report. We will be updating this page with changes as needed, but there may be differences that have not been documented yet. If you have questions about a line that you think may have changed, please submit a Support ticket or ask your Implementation and we would be happy to help you determine what is actually reporting on each line.


Changes in the newest version of the TTB Report:

Line 7 - This line now includes beer that is brought back into stock using a Return or A/R Credit Memo document

Line 14 - Returns and Credit Memos are no longer subtracted from this line. They are now reported on line 7 instead.





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