Scaling wort recipes between brewhouses


Many breweries have a pilot brewhouse and a production brewhouse that are two different sizes. This article will explain how to scale your recipes from one brewhouse to another.



You have multiple brewhouses at one location (eg. You have an old 10 BBL and a new 30 BBL)
To setup multiple batch sizes for brewing in this scenario, let’s assume that that you will normally use the 30 BBL Brew House. 

You will need to setup multiple Wort items with a BOM for each.  The BOM batch size will be the size of the various batch sizes you brew (10BBL or 30BBL.  You still only need one Green Beer item and BOM.  The Green Beer BOM should have the Wort item that is most commonly brewed (in our case, the 30BBL wort item/BOM).  Then, if you use the less common Wort item for a brew, you will need to change the wort item on the Green Beer production order to the 10 BBL wort item/BOM. 

Suggestion is for the Wort items to be numbered with a suffix.  So if the normal 30BBL IPA is W1005, you might also have W1005-S, to represent the smaller brewhouse, and the BOM would have the batch size of 10 BBL.




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